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I am your go-to interior design business mentor

Hey!I am Jamie

I am an interior designer, have 3 years of experience in commercial and residential design. I started my own business last year since I moved to Lombok, Indonesia (Tropical Paradise) from Hong Kong (Busy City) and my life changed. I started from 0 to become an interior design business owner, in between, I spent so much effort - Time, and Money to make it happen. And now, I want to show those who serious about starting an interior design business how to start a business from 0 by applying useful design skills, marketing strategies, and business knowledge, all come from my experience. 

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Finding the right interior designer is like finding the right massage therapist. 

If you found your clients' pain points, you are right for them!

Jamie Mak, Interior designer

I'm gonna help you fast track your business, skip all those unnecessary steps you would take so you can save time and money in order to start running your business and get the result quicker.

You're going to work closely with me to create your custom game plan so you are going to grow your business in effective ways.

Learn how does it look like when you work with me.

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